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Threadtitel: FASST EUCH im Titel KURZ! Dein Name reicht aus. Danke.
Thread-Title: Please hold the title short! Your name is enough. Thanks
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Beitrag von Bagronk » Mi 22. Jul 2020, 00:58

Hello everyone!

I'm new here and wanted to avoid being a lurker by introducing myself. The name is Bagronk, and I found your group through Goblin Industries on youtube! It's difficult to find Orc enthusiasts in the US, but I'm glad to have found kindred spirits and am looking forward to learning from all the resources you have. The masks you guys make are flat-out amazing! Unfortunately, I'm only fluent in English and Spanish, but google translate is getting me by!

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Re: Hello from the United States

Beitrag von Urok/Worgahr » Mi 22. Jul 2020, 08:58

Hi and welcome in the dirt. Have Fun here and dont wait to ask your questions. Lots of users are fluently in english or common enough to answer you

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Re: Bagronk

Beitrag von Fauth/Glum » Mi 22. Jul 2020, 17:49

Hello Bagronk,

welcome and have fun. Write in english if you have questions, so that the community can help.
And nice that you found us through the videos from Goblin industries. I think the vidoe maker will be pleased.

A little information from me as moderator: I moved your thread to this subforum and edited your subject line to our forum rule.

Kind regards
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