Canadian Ork with some questions

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Canadian Ork with some questions

Beitrag von Gruthrak » Mi 4. Sep 2019, 06:44

First Id like to ask if my gear is good enough for you guys, Im pretty self conscious about my kit, especially when it comes to the mask. Second I speak a fair amount of German, my Father was from Hamburg, and I plan on attending Drachenfest. I suppose broken German/Black speech will be enough for me to communicate but I was wondering if the language barrier would be an issue.

Here are some pictures :)

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Re: Canadian Ork with some questions

Beitrag von Skep-tiker » Mi 4. Sep 2019, 07:58

Unfortunatly the link isn't working.
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geselliger Ork
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Re: Canadian Ork with some questions

Beitrag von Khrosh » Mi 4. Sep 2019, 22:33

hello there,

welcome to our tiny piece of swamp.
great to have more international guests here.
the language "barrier" will be no problem at all,
if you speak some proper english, as i suppose you to,
due to the fakt that you are canadian.
we have already some guys from Denmark and even
one frequently visiting guy from israel as parts of our
community. so dont worry about this.

just feel free to ask questions and have a look around
in our stuff.
and, please ask, if you need some translation.

and finally: hes right, your link does not work.
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