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Verfasst: Do 10. Okt 2019, 16:28
von Anwar
Hello are there people/orcs on here looking for leather
I have alot of full skins and scraps that i can sell for cheap please let me know .
I will post pictures as soon as i can
Greetings anwar

Re: Leather

Verfasst: Di 15. Okt 2019, 01:15
von Durgaz
hello fellow :)

interesting, where you from ? -]

Re: Leather

Verfasst: Mi 16. Okt 2019, 20:30
von Anwar
I am from the netherlands nice to meet you to i know it is a weird way to start but i could not help myself

Re: Leather

Verfasst: Di 10. Dez 2019, 21:44
von Khrosh
hello there,

wait, what?!? :o

how could i not see this...? :scrat:

you got leather to sell and are from Netherland? where exactly?
cause the town where i live is not so far away from the German/Dutch border...

and of course i do need leather, lots and lots of leather... 8)

some would say loads and loads of leather ;)