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Verfasst: Mi 11. Mär 2020, 13:38
von Druga
Hi !
I'm a new one :D I'd like to join you this year with my orc and if you accept me I will need a group :p

My Name is Capucine, I come from Belgium and I'm 29 years old.
I started playing on orc 3 years ago and as Belgian orcs are very few I'd like to try something bigger ! I spend the two last year watching videos of your Camp and I love sooo much what you all do so I really would like to join you. (Yes I'm a fan girl x) )

I don't really need help for my costume, I think I know what is missing and I have some plans to improve it. The pictures are right below, I try to show you every side possible... I hope it's enough :p And if you have some advice, well speak x)

What I will add :
*a kind of ripped cloak or jacket. Even if I already wear 3 layers I know it's not enough to look big and scary :o
*I need something to cover my shoes, I know... I actually use black fabric bandages but I'm working on something else.
*... I will probably have to put a bit of dirt on all this, right ? x)
* and more bones and details <3
* I wear fingerless gloves and my shirt is attached over my hands to, the color is just quite bright I'm going to paint them better. And I cover my fingertips with black painting of course :)

I'll end saying that I'm not a fighter (more a shaman or a healer) and I have very few money... So I'm not able to buy leather stuffs nor amor, I only use fabric. I hope it will be ok for you ^^"

Re: Druga (new one need a group)

Verfasst: Mi 11. Mär 2020, 13:57
von Urok/Worgahr
Hi and welcome in the land of the latex fetishist's.

First: If you want to join a group, " i dont need help, making a costume" is never the right answer. Because if there is a group were you could be part of, its necessary to fit in. Your look has to match with the others..

Second: your gear looks cool, even its a lot of Fabric. Fabric is okay, my own gear is more of fabric than leather. But leather could be cheap. Just search a bit on Ebay.

Third: Which camp do you mean? The Orc clan lager on Drachenfest? Or the Orc Heer Lager on epic empires?

Re: Druga (new one need a group)

Verfasst: Mi 11. Mär 2020, 14:57
von Druga
Hi ^^

I didn't mean to say "I don't want to fit" or something like that when I say "I don't need help for my costume" just that I don't need step by step help or tutorial and that I have plans for the rest of my look ^^ I ll of course take the advise you have to fit in a group or the group in general :)

Ok I'll check on ebay if I really need leather ;) Thanks !

Ah I didn't know either this forum was for Epic and Drachenfest XD I actually like to try both events... But here I was thinking about the Orc Clan Lager on Drachenfest ^^

Re: Druga (new one need a group)

Verfasst: Mi 11. Mär 2020, 16:17
von Urok/Worgahr
;D ok Sorry than i got you wrong.

So for DF here are important informations

Please scroll down for english infornations.

It isnt necessary to be a part of a group to join the orklager. Its ok to come as a single player, so you got the possibility to see all the groups live and the faces and characters behind the masks. Maybe you choose you group after Drachenfest.

But it seems that you are more into that clanish concept of an orc. You are green and got the tusks so it looks like you are far away from beeing an Tolkien orc. Nice to see. The clan uruks need the reinforcements -]

Re: Druga (new one need a group)

Verfasst: Mi 11. Mär 2020, 16:39
von Druga
No problem ;)

I already read that topic :)
If I get it right : now I need to finish my costume, submit it again to be sure everything is fine and then post the application ?

And I'm glad you say that I'm more a "clanic" orc because I had no idea where to go or how to define my orc XD

thanks for your time so far :)

Re: Druga (new one need a group)

Verfasst: Mi 11. Mär 2020, 16:46
von Urok/Worgahr
Not fifor t that. Thats what the Forum stands for.

You can allready make your aplication and the orga or other board members tell you what to do, or whats missing :up:

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Verfasst: Mi 11. Mär 2020, 23:24
von Grishlûk
Well. First of all: welcome here!
Of course there is still a lot to do. Mainly adding a lot of dirt and wear. (there is never enough dirt)
But id say its defenitely doable and and im looking forward to see your Progress.

What kind of playstyle are you looking for? that could be a key aspect of finding a group, since there are a lot of different aproaches to the ork-play.

Re: Druga (new one need a group)

Verfasst: Do 12. Mär 2020, 08:32
von Urok/Worgahr
@Schuhcover: What about Swiss Army Gaiters. They about 12-15€. Not much expensive.

Or you search for some leather leftovers. Maybe you find some old leather Bags on a bargain sale. Then you could cut the leather into pieces and puzzle the pieces on your shoe. Sew them together with rough stiches and fix it with wire nails into the sole

Re: Druga (new one need a group)

Verfasst: Do 12. Mär 2020, 11:08
von Druga
to Grishlûk :
Well... Actually I have NEVER washed my grey tunic since I made it XD So... technically it's dirty :p (It's a woolen fabric I am a bit scared it shrinks so... meh x) ) But yeah, I'm mentally prepared to... "ruined" it with dirt !
For the playstyle I'm looking for, as I said I'm not a warrior more a shaman or a healer so if a group need some heal I'm their woman ! Otherwise I'm a discreet and reserved person, especially when I don't know the people around ^^"... So this year I will be calm x) I will mimic my group or people around, I'm just not a violent one (yep that's strange for an orc x) )

To Urok :
Thanks for the tips :) I have old cracked leather boots that I thought I could cut and use to upgrade my shoes ^^ I will taint them with black and see what it looks like... Otherwise a LOT of my friends works with leathers so I know I will find something ;)
I am also considering to buy "five fingers" shoes for a bare feet look. It's seems nice and more confortable than army boots.
Shoes covering would be ok I think ^^

Re: Druga (new one need a group)

Verfasst: Do 12. Mär 2020, 20:52
von Fauth/Glum
Hello and welcome in our forum :-)

I see that you got help from any people and you will find futher informations here in the subforums.

One request:
Please shorten your subject line, like written in the forum rules - your name is enough. The most people here are searching an group.

Thank you and kind regards
Fauth/Glum as moderator

Re: Druga

Verfasst: Fr 13. Mär 2020, 01:21
von Druga
Sorry Faust ^^"
i read the tread about the topic name but I understood somme minor info could be added... So topic are not easy to read when you don't speak German even with google trad ;)
I changed it !